These are links to tools that I have created myself, and apps (Android) that I use in my GP training.

  • Wellbeing Toolkit for NHS Workers: Having offered to help out my future GP practice in any way I can during the coronavirus pandemic, they suggested I create an ‘Emotional Wellbeing’ document. It’s a working document and feedback is always appreciated.
  • Learning Log Competences Coverage Tracker: This is a simple (Excel) spreadsheet that both lists all the competences that the RCGP state that GP trainees need to be evidencing in their ePortfolio and also allows the user to track their coverage of those competences.
    It has 2 tabs (at the bottom); one is a complete list of all the competences and the specific objectives associated with each of the levels (Needs Further Development, Competent etc.), the other is for you to add the title of your learning log and then put an X in the boxes (assume also max 3) that you think you are covering off.
    Use it both to understand the specific competence statements you must evidence in your learning log and also to track what competences you may need to focus on to cover all areas before your ARCP review.